RueOne invests in entrepreneurs and management teams looking to expand and grow their business. We are focused on long term value creation, and as a result of our unique structure, are not time-constrained around exits. We work exclusively with management teams and their advisors and will not respond to inquiries from brokers, finders, placement agents, or other intermediaries.


We make investments ranging from early stage venture capital to growth stage private equity. We do not look to take technology or product risk around proof of concept. However, we are well-positioned to help management teams with go-to-market strategies, scaling their business, and executing their vision. We like to invest in companies where our capital can be used to fuel revenue growth, drive efficiencies, and/or make strategic acquisitions.


While we are flexible around our revenue and EBITDA requirements, we generally do not make investments in pre-revenue companies.


We invest in a wide range of industries, from the latest emerging technologies to old-world industries. Our team has experience in Advertising/Media, Aerospace, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, B2B Software, Beauty, Business Services, Consumer, Cyber Security, Distribution, Energy, Enterprise, Fashion, FinTech, Hardware, Healthtech, Homeland Security, Impact Investing, Industrials, Logistics, Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Operating Real Estate Businesses, Renewables and Space Logistics.

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