A highly curated selection of direct investment and co-investment opportunities

RueOne is a new type of alternative asset manager best suited to the demands and needs of today's investor. We provide institutional investors, family offices and other qualified investors with a better way to invest in alternatives by offering a la carte access to proprietary direct investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis and not access to funds.

A New Way for Non-US Investors to Access US Deal Flow

Today, more and more investors want direct access to deals. Whether they're pensions, endowments and foundations, family offices or sovereign wealth funds, investors want more of a say over how their money is being put to work, and that means direct investments. The problem is that the best investment opportunities are often the hardest to source. That problem increases exponentially for a foreign investor trying to access US deal flow. It's hard to build up a network when you're located thousands of miles away from the source of the investments, and doing due diligence on deals is frustrating when it requires flying half way around the world.

Finally – An Easier Way for Innovative Asset Managers To Access Capital: Direct Investing With RueOne

Talk to almost any hedge fund or private equity manager and the one thing you'll hear consistently is that it's tough to raise capital in today's environment. But it's also clear from these conversations that a number of talented asset managers have put together precisely the kind of deals that meet the risk and return profiles of many institutional investors and family offices. We're now regularly seeing a variety of attractive lower middle market transactions – real estate and private equity are great examples – with strong fundamentals and offering compelling returns.

Wall Street Veteran Stephen Frangione Joins Direct Investing Platform RueOne as a Partner and Chief Operating Officer

RueOne Investments ("RueOne"), the premier direct investing platform, today announced that Stephen Frangione has joined the company as a Partner and the Chief Operating Officer. Stephen will oversee the operations of the company as it continues to build an institutional quality organization.

"Steve brings a wealth of experience building and running businesses at large financial organizations," said Jeff Baehr, CEO of RueOne. "His deep institutional markets background will be a tremendous asset to the RueOne platform and his understanding of complex regulatory environments will enhance our overall governance efforts."

Direct Investing: An Innovative Solution for Managers to Raise Capital

Emerging managers are finding it increasingly difficult to raise capital. The financial crisis was the catalyst for a secular trend in the alternative investment industry that has seen the largest managers continue to grow while smaller firms find it challenging to stay in business. Despite the compelling evidence that emerging managers on average outperform their larger peers, investors have overwhelmingly selected the largest asset managers. Preqin, an alternatives research firm, estimates that the top 500 managers control 90% of assets even though they make up only 11% of the universe.[1] Premier talent and an outstanding track record are no longer sufficient to raise capital for an investment fund. Investors now require best in class infrastructure which only larger firms are able to provide.

RueOne Investments Launches a Revolutionary Platform Connecting Investors to Actively Managed Direct Investment Opportunities

RueOne Investments, announced today the launch of the first marketplace providing accredited and institutional investors direct access to a curated selection of alternative assets that are sourced, structured, and managed by industry leading asset managers. The recently passed Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act has enabled RueOne to offer a unique and innovative solution for investors and asset managers alike. For the first time, investors will have the ability to take advantage of deal flow, structuring expertise, due diligence capability, and ongoing oversight of professional asset managers while still having the flexibility to evaluate and invest in individual deals.

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