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RueOne Investments Appoints Michael Yoon to Council of Experts

RueOne, the alternative asset manager that offers institutional investors and family offices direct investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis, today announced that Michael Yoon has been appointed to RueOne’s Council of Experts. Yoon brings more than 20 years of executive management expertise in technology-related roles at both startups and large corporations, which includes experience raising funds and investments. He will advise RueOne’s investment committee on technology related investments. 

RueOne’s Council of Experts is composed of seasoned executives who bring specific domain expertise from different industry sectors and who provide an extra level of curation and oversight to RueOne’s investment committee. 

“Having worked in a variety of operating environments and diverse technologies, Michael brings a multifaceted technology background that will add an important dimension to our evaluation and assessment of trends and the increasing impact of the role of technology in today’s businesses,” said RueOne Founder and CEO Jeff Baehr. “With his background as a technology leader, a business and strategic partner, and his experience with raising funds and investing, Michael is uniquely positioned to guide RueOne as we continue to offer investors the highest quality oversight and risk assessment. We are excited to have him on our team.”

“RueOne offers today’s investors a smarter and more reliable way to execute direct deals that incorporates the need for greater transparency and a more cost-effective structure,” said Yoon. “RueOne has institutionalized a best practices approach that incorporates a two-tier vetting and analysis process of every transaction they offer which includes their top-notch investment team as well as its Council of Experts, so investors have an extra layer of protection and comfort to help them better evaluate an investment opportunity. I look forward to working with the RueOne team.”

Yoon is currently working with several technology startups including Revvx, a hardware and IoT accelerator, Pleiades Robotics in the autonomous drone space, and Thnks.com, a B2B gifting platform. He was recently the Chief Technology Officer and head of Product Strategy at MiMedia, a consumer cloud company with global partnerships in the mobile handset and telecom industries. Previously, Yoon was the Chief Technology Officer for smartOn, a Kaplan TechStars digital education company bringing digital higher education courses to institutions in India. Prior to that, he was an Executive Director in Enterprise Data for Morgan Stanley where he was responsible for master data management, data governance and data services to the enterprise.

Earlier in his career, Yoon was the VP of Engineering at Barnes & Noble.com and he was a Software Architect and Manger at Bloomberg LLP, where he built electronic trading systems and high transaction market monitoring systems. Yoon is on the Board of Directors of Pleiades Robotics, and is an investor in several technology startups. He holds an MBA in Finance with Honors from Columbia Business School and a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering from McGill University, Canada.

About RueOne Investments, LLC:

RueOne Investments, LLC is an alternative asset manager offering institutional and qualified investors à la carte access to direct investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis. Its institutional quality platform features compelling deals, managed by top investment talent as well as a best-in-class infrastructure. Founded in 2016 by Jeff Baehr, the firm’s investor-friendly approach provides greater fee transparency, an alignment of incentives through a principal investment in every deal, and the ability for investors to take control of their investments by investing directly in carefully curated deals rather than in funds. RueOne offers a diverse range of individual investment opportunities such as a single private equity or mezzanine debt obligation – not funds. RueOne is not a placement agent or a broker-dealer, and because they share in the economics with partner asset managers, investors will never pay more to invest with RueOne. To learn more about RueOne Investments, please visit www.rueone.com.

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