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A highly curated selection of direct investment and co-investment opportunities

RueOne is a new type of alternative asset manager best suited to the demands and needs of today's investor. We provide institutional investors, family offices and other qualified investors with a better way to invest in alternatives by offering a la carte access to proprietary direct investment opportunities on a deal by deal basis and not access to funds.

What do we mean when we say that RueOne is best suited to meet the needs of today's investor?

Part of what we mean is that our solution is more investor-friendly. We provide greater fee transparency, an alignment of incentives through a principal investment in every deal, and the ability to choose specific private equity and real estate projects on a truly a la carte basis. We also believe a key part of next generation investing in alternatives is making a commitment to best practices in corporate governance. As a result, RueOne has established a Board of Directors with independent directors and a clear mandate to oversee the operations of the company. Finally, and the focus of this blog post, is our unique multi-faceted approach to due diligence and the curation process.

Our curation process features three main advantages:

Better Sourcing of Direct Investment Deals: One of the greatest challenges to investing in direct deals is sourcing quality transactions. RueOne solves that problem. We source all of our deals from our global network of sponsors and asset managers with specific domain expertise and proprietary deal flow. Over the past quarter, RueOne has spoken with more than 500 potential partners and combed through a substantial amount of individual transactions. This is far more than an institutional investor or family office could access and vet on their own. As a result, RueOne investors are presented with only the most compelling opportunities.

Rigorous Pre-Screening of Investments: Our best-in-class infrastructure includes a rigorous pre-screening process of every deal on our platform. Our investment team subjects every opportunity to a thorough due diligence process. The Investment Committee of the Board provides regular consultation and oversight on investment activities. Finally, we have assembled an impressive array of experienced investment talent on our advisory board, which we call our Council of Experts. Each member is a highly experienced investment professional with specific domain expertise. Our Council of Experts gives us specific transactional expertise for every deal we present to our investors. As a result, we believe our investors see only the highest quality investment opportunities.

Rigorous Diligence That's Aligned with Investors: We approach every investment opportunity as a principal investor and because we invest along with our investors there is true alignment of interests. We give insight into our due diligence process and share the results of our diligence findings with our investors, so they begin their due diligence processes with the benefit of our own homework. Inside our data room, investors will find video Q&As where we've asked dozens of detailed questions to our partners, deal write-ups and transaction specific documentation, as well as the offering memorandum and subscription documents.

RueOne offers better sourcing, better screening and an alignment of interests that provides extra layers of institutional quality diligence. It's a curation method designed to give investors greater confidence so they can make their investment decisions with ease. At RueOne that's what we call an approach best suited to today's investors in alternatives.

A New Venue:

On a side note, we recently established a LinkedIn group as a forum for investors to discuss approaches for sourcing, evaluating, and investing in private equity transactions, real estate projects, and other direct investments. The group is called "Direct Investments & Co-Investments in Private Equity & Real Estate" and can be found at the following link: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/12009633

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