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A New Way for Non-US Investors to Access US Deal Flow

Today, more and more investors want direct access to deals. Whether they're pensions, endowments and foundations, family offices or sovereign wealth funds, investors want more of a say over how their money is being put to work, and that means direct investments. The problem is that the best investment opportunities are often the hardest to source. That problem increases exponentially for a foreign investor trying to access US deal flow. It's hard to build up a network when you're located thousands of miles away from the source of the investments, and doing due diligence on deals is frustrating when it requires flying half way around the world.

Compounding the access problem is the fact that it is typically smaller and midsize deals that capture the most innovative investment ideas and offer the best risk return profiles. Most foreign investors aren't equipped to source effectively such one-off opportunities, as they lack sufficient resources to negotiate terms, perform the due diligence, legal review and other necessary functions to close a transaction. For these non U.S. investors to-date their only real options, when it comes to committing capital to the U.S., is to commit large pools of capital to invest in a commingled private equity fund or funds or commit to the occasional large, crowded, co-investment opportunity, even though these alternatives offer returns that are often less attractive. In addition, to access deal flow, non-US investors have resorted to hiring consultants who have "boots on the ground" for a retainer fee, further eating into returns.

Well now there's a better way. With RueOne, foreign investors can get access to high quality US deal flow and put their money to work in smarter ways. RueOne Investments is an alternative asset manager offering institutional investors and family offices a la carte access to proprietary deal flow on a deal by deal basis. We focus exclusively on investing in individual assets, such as a single private equity transaction or a piece of mezzanine debt, not funds or commingled assets.

What's more, our institutional quality platform provides investors with a new, turn-key investment solution. Our platform features attractive deals that are pre-vetted, structured and managed by top investment talent with specific domain expertise, so investors are free to focus on the merits of each deal. In addition, our best-in-class infrastructure includes extensive due diligence that provides investors with an extra layer of assurance as they evaluate each transaction.

Our investor-friendly approach provides greater fee transparency, an alignment of incentives through our principal investment in every deal, and enables investors to take control of their investments by investing directly in carefully curated deals rather than in funds.

How do we access such great deal-flow?

We've put together a network of literally thousands of sponsors and asset managers that have great deals but who need a better way to access capital on a deal by deal basis -- RueOne provides these managers with a much-needed source of capital. Many of the managers we work with are fund sponsors who are challenged by today's fundraising environment to raise capital for specific deals. Others are managers with committed funds who have excess capacity.

Our multi-faceted and innovative sourcing methodology solves the fundamental challenge facing most non-US investors who don't have resources on the ground in the US to find deal flow. RueOne takes the time to vet the prospective managers and their deals, establishes the relationships and builds solid partnerships so you don't have to. What's more, our deal sourcing doesn't cost you anything– we're not a placement agent or a broker-dealer, and because we share in the economics with our partner asset managers, investors will never pay more to invest with us.

Managers also want to access RueOne's platform because it provides them with the additional infrastructure and credibility they need to build their brands and raise capital, so that they can even raise a committed fund on their own down the road.

In summary, RueOne offers a flexible, efficient capital source for asset managers. What this means for investors is that with RueOne, you will have access to a diverse roster of deals that will regularly be updated with new investment opportunities from our ever-growing network of asset managers.

So if you're a foreign investor and trying to access US deal-flow, look no further. RueOne offers an innovative way for you to invest across a broad range of investment opportunities that provide very attractive risk return profiles. We're RueOne – direct investment made simple.

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